Extensive experience in tuning and optimization
of advanced control systems.

Tuning and optimization


Optimization of a process means controlling it in such a manner that it is running in the best possible way according to a given criterion.

Assessment of the process control — the level of its optimization — is a difficult task. It should take into account: short- and long-term operation, working point variability, environmental conditions, internal interference and a range of other extremely important factors.

EFFCONTROL offers evaluations and analyses of problems concerning:

  • Limitation of automation system performance due to technical reasons
  • Control system and sequential logic circuit operation optimisation
  • Occurring interferences in the operation of automation and IT systems
  • Process measurements

In the field of automation systems optimization we offer:

  • Technological conditions, measurement equipment and technical state of actuators evaluation in the context of control systems performance
  • Deployment of optimal control algorithms including, if necessary, application of advanced automation systems
  • Process tests performance for identification and optimization purposes
  • Report and operating recommendations preparation
  • Post execution documentation preparation

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