Well-designed and reliable industrial
communication networks.

Industrial networks

Our company provides comprehensive design, construction and diagnostics services of most popular communication buses used in automation systems worldwide /PROFIBUS DP, MODBUS, ETHERNET/.


We know which solution to offer to the end user, what criteria to apply in choosing the transmission medium, how to choose necessary network appliances and which network topology to apply.

The knowledge and experience we have allows us to properly design reliable industrial networks built with the use of cable and fibre connections, as well as radio communication.

We have profound experience we can draw on and a highly-skilled team of specialists and we offer:

  • Industrial networks design with the use of Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet solutions
  • Troubleshooting existing networks
  • Inspection, verification and diagnostics of networks currently in use
  • New installations start-up

Contact details


ul. Kościuszki 20
55-095 Mirków, PL
tel: +48 71 343 28 61
fax: +48 71 343 28 61 | 22
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