Innovative installations serving their purposes
according to Customer's demands.

PLC controllers

We have extensive experience in designing, building, programming and servicing automation systems and also in controlling those that are based on Programmable Logic Controllers.

Apart from this, we also carry out modernisation of control systems currently in use.

We use products of recognised manufacturers, such as SIEMENS, ABB and Allen Bradley, which guarantee the choice of an optimal controller for a given task.

We create and implement control algorithms suited to a given technological process and we take part in system start-up and staff training. Our installations are developed according to technological guidelines and Customer requirements.

Customers have our expertise at their disposal not only during implementation of new technologies but also while modernising and developing currently used systems.

Our range of activity encompasses:

  • Automation systems based on PLC controllers design
  • Programming of industrial PLC controllers
  • Choice of equipment and unit configuration
  • Control systems integration
  • Modernisation and development of existing systems
  • Control systems diagnostics
  • Service

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