Full range of works connected with automation
of process equipment in industrial sites.

I&C / Electrical engineering projects

Our company offers comprehensive deployment of electrical installations and automated systems projects for industrial solutions.

All projects we undertake are executed in compliance with applicable laws and industry standards and with the use of proven products of recognised companies.

We spare no effort to prepare technical specification according to all requirements of our Customers.

Our knowledge and experience have wide range of applications:

  • Choice of measuring/test points and measurement method
  • Measurement error analysis
  • Metering orifice calculation
  • Distribution of cable boxes and measurement cabinets
  • Traditional wiring and industrial buses
  • Choice and delivery of measuring transducers and valves
  • Choice and delivery of actuators
  • Full project and post execution documentation that is easy-to-follow for the user
  • Commissioning and testing

We have extensive experience in carrying out process automation projects.

At present for I&C and electrical installation design we use INTERsoft software, ArCADia-INTELLICAD, and PC|Schematic software, Automation.

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