Design, programming, commissioning,
optimization and service of DCS systems.

DCS systems

A modern facility requires an automation system that apart from controlling the processes guarantees full work visualization, process data archiving, as well as reporting, analysis and service tools.

To ensure that so complex and advanced system functions properly, efficiently controls technological processes and is convenient in usage for the Staff, one needs knowledge and extensive experience gained while carrying out huge projects and professionalism displayed by the team on each stage of realization.

We got it all! We have up-to-date knowledge of the equipment, software, network organisation and DCS system programming.

We can justly call ourselves leaders in the group of distributed control
system integrators.

We offer a complete range of works and deliveries connected with central part of automatic systems, including:

  • Selection and configuration of DCS system
  • Functional design and software of control systems
  • Functional design and programming of sequence control and superimposed systems
  • Commissioning
  • Activating start-ups and testing
  • Optimization works
  • Implementation of visualization, operating functions as well as data reporting
  • Connection of DCS to integrated IT systems

At present we work with the following distributed control systems:

  • Symphony, ABB
  • Freelance, ABB
  • Advant, Siemens
  • Procontrol P, ABB
  • Master , IASE also version MasterFT/NT, CNPAE

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