Business and technological customer support
at every stage of investment cycle.

Consulting services

Our specialists are there to help in business, technical and technological aspects of creating concept projects of planned investments as well as to provide assistance in the evaluation of solutions applied in already realized investments.


We target our services at investors, customers and teams participating in the developments of projects for which it is extremely important to verify the cost-effectiveness of solutions used and evaluate technical and technological solutions proposed.

We will choose the optimal solution and help you to implement
and deploy it.

We solve our Customers' problems by carrying out specialist evaluations. At present consulting services we provide include:

  • Preparation of automated systems functional specification
  • Pre- and post- deployment technological analyses performance
  • Economic analyses of projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis

Contact details


ul. Kościuszki 20
55-095 Mirków, PL
tel: +48 71 343 28 61
fax: +48 71 343 28 61 | 22
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