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Why is our company is the best choice

There are many reasons why people would like to join our team. One of them is our ability to listen to our employees and respond to their needs.

The description of our team below gives you the idea of what employees can expect from EFFCONTROL:

We get on well together as a team - we know each other and this enables us to better use our strong points in what we do. We are a reliable team that can cope with any challenges our Customers
require us to meet.

We work on exciting projects - we collaborate closely with leading worldwide companies operating in the field of industrial automation and thus we provide our employees access to new technologies and the possibility of getting familiar with cutting edge DCS systems and realising tasks with their use around the world.

We collaborate with the best - our employees have the opportunity to work for the biggest and most influential Customers in the power generation market segment.

Effort and commitment get awarded - our employees are aware that a work well done deserves appropriate payment. Bonus is one of remuneration components that is depended on the quality and type of task performed.

We care about health - we provide partial funding of MultiSport Plus Card which enables our employees doing their favourite sports.

We respect each other - creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace that helps build good relations is one of the things we care about most. We are all on first name terms and we wear casual clothes to work /no dress code/. We value open communication.

Contact details


ul. Kościuszki 20
55-095 Mirków, PL
tel: +48 71 343 28 61
fax: +48 71 343 28 61 | 22
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