Effective and efficient automation that
effectively increases performance.

The name of our company explicitly defines our goals

A proper name is inherent in doing business effectively. It is the basic means of identification for a company.

In the brand design process we opted for a name that would explicitly define the characteristics differentiating us from the competitors, identify our goals and enable us to quickly create market awareness.

Our brand and company name, EFFCONTROL, is a result of combining two English words: efficiency and control. The reason for choosing an English name and meaning behind it was the need to prepare the brand for entering international market.

Consistently with our goals our name defines the profile and range of our business. EFFCONTROL means automation living up to users expectations and giving results that translate into calculable material benefits. It is automation that is effective on every plain of our business activity.

EFF — effective, efficiency, effectively. CONTROL — control, regulation, automation.

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