Unity in crucial things, diversity in important things
and generosity in small things.

Future image we want to create

There are many companies offering automation and power engineering services on the Polish market. They have very similar profiles, both in terms of their offer and the way of executing projects.

We believe that creating another company operating in a typical way does not change anything and this is why the idea we want to realize is broader. We want EFFCONTROL to positively differentiate in everything we do.

Our company is focused on making our Customer achieve a real outcome. Satisfaction with the deployment and measurable financial results it allowed to gain is what counts for us. The range and form of our services, as well as our name, is an expression of this way of operating.

Basic principles of our activity:

  • Every project has a transparent economic justification and is adjusted
    to goals it is to serve
  • Prior to making a proposal we analyse all variants, taking into account long-term
    costs of operation and development
  • After project completion we verify achieved effect based on the objective criteria and correct methodology
  • Our solutions come with extended warranties and full technical support

Contact details


ul. Kościuszki 20
55-095 Mirków, PL
tel: +48 71 343 28 61
fax: +48 71 343 28 61 | 22
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