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Experienced and fully professional team

We employ people with profound experience, who specialize in automatics and have impressive technical knowledge of coal-fired power generating units, CHP plants, gas turbines and combined gas and steam units.

Our company is created by professional automation, mechatronics, electrical and IT engineers who had gained their experience while working for leading Polish and international companies. Projects that companies like CNPAE, ABB, Hartmann&Braun take pride in are the result of their cooperation with our current specialists.

For several years we have been successively increasing the number of our staff by hiring young engineers who are eager to broaden their abilities and take up the challenges of work on an international market. Skilful combination of experience and youth enabled us to achieve personnel synergy effect and increase potential of our personnel.

Our team is focused on providing design services of highest world-class standard. We attach great care to protection of the data entrusted to us and proper assessment of realization time and costs. We guarantee highest quality of services provided during realization of our projects.

Our team of specialists is characterized by:

  • Deep knowledge of the majority of automation systems types installed in Poland
  • Experience in designing process equipment and control units of automation systems
  • Technical knowledge of coal-fired power generating units, CHP (combined heat and power plants), gas turbines and combined gas and steam units
  • Experience in complex control systems design and optimization
  • Experience in application of high-tech neural network based systems
  • Experience in technical and economic calculations for boilers, power generating units and groups of devices
  • Experience in automation of facilities in Poland, Europe, Asia and USA

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